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Women In Engineering (WIE)

Women in Engineering (WIE)

IEEE Toronto Women in Engineering is our local affinity group of the IEEE Women in Engineering Committee (WIEC) which is appointed by, and reports directly to, the IEEE Board of Directors. The scope of interest is:

  1. Gather and disseminate information regarding the status of women and initiatives for, by and on behalf of women in engineering and science.
  2. Enable mentoring and education programs within IEEE and make available information regarding gender related educational issues which may improve the entry into, and the retention of women in engineering programs.
  3. Increase the participation of women within IEEE.
  4. Address ways to improve the climate for women in IEEE and the workplace.

Chapter Chair Maryam Davoudpour , Biography
Past Chapter Chair Behnaz Ghoraani , biography
Chapter Vice Chair Vacant
Chapter Treasurer Sylvia Raynhambiography
Chapter Public Relation Lead Dalia Hanna
Chapter Industrial Relations Lead Nicoleta Zouri, biography
Chapter Membership Development Lead Zahraa Khalil
Chapter Junior ENG. Activities (Under 25) Azin Mirzajavadkhan
Chapter Social Media Lead Zahraa Khalil
Chapter Newsletter Editor Dr. Fatima Hussain
Upcoming Events
February 26, 2018 Introduction to Vehicle Safety, Simulation Tools for Autonomous Transportation and human-machine interface (HMI)
February 26, 2018 Visit Hamilton’s Innovative Technology Companies and Researchers
Past Events († indicates event photos added)
February 16, 2018 Hybrid Biomedical Optics Imaging and Instrumentation
February 15, 2018 Providing Better Customer Value and Benefits and IT Solutions
February 12, 2018 IEEE Ryerson Python Workshop 2
February 9-10, 2018 Big Data Hackathon
February 8, 2018 Canada’s Robotics Moment
February 5, 2018 Introduction to Python Workshop
February 2, 2018 High Throughput CMOS Sensors and Actuators: An Emerging Technology for Automation of Biological Laboratories
November 27, 2017 Hatching A Tech Startup
November 14 & 17, 2017 Machine Learning Workshops
November 13, 2017 Overview of Blockchain Technology
November 7, 2017 Women in Robotics: Roboticist Dr. AJung Moon, Open Roboethics Institute
October 12, 2017 Industrial Relations and Toronto ComSoc Chapter: Site Visit G&W/Survalent
October 10, 2017 Thales Project Arduino Competition
September 25-28, 2017 Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show 2017
July 20 – July 21, 2017 2017 IEEE International Humanitarian Technology Conference
July 17, 2017 A framework for general purpose digital pathology image analysis, using machine learning methods to identify cancer subsets and immunotherapy biomarkers
June 28, 2017 Large-Scale Analytics and Machine Learning for Biomedical Data Types
May 31, 2017 Women in Robotics: Building Smart Robots with AI
May 26, 2017 Designing a Gamification Course for an Higher Education Audience
May 12, 2017 7th Annual E3 Symposium
April 28, 2017 Engineering the Internet of Things – Digital Twin Seminar
April 10, 2017 Women in Robotics: Dr. Pooja Viswanathan, Co-founder and CEO, Braze Mobility
March 31, 2017 Engineering Skills Gaps: “Jobs without people” and “people without jobs”
March 22, 2017 Cyber Security for Utilities Seminar
March 13, 2017 Emerging Trends in Software, Computing, & Application Development
March 6, 2017 Big Data
February 27, 2017 Health Apps by Design: A Reference Architecture for Mobile Apps for Health
February 13, 2017 Micro-Scale Robots: Magnetic Actuation for Wireless Manipulation
January 23, 2017 Abstraction in Situation Calculus Action Theories
December 8, 2016 Women in Robotics Series: Erica Tiberia, Roboticist and Educator
November 24, 2016 Who Are We Studying in Social Media: Bots or Humans?
November 21, 2016 AI-Based Software Defect Predictors: Applications and Benefits and Lessons Learned
November 18, 2016 Operational-Log Analysis for Big Data Systems: Challenges and Solutions
November 16, 2016 Health Informatics Evening at Centennial College
November 11, 2016 Digital Health Initiatives at eHealth Ontario
October 31, 2016 Algorithms and Ethics
October 19, 2016 Blackberry’s Platform for True End-to-End Mobile Security for Healthcare
October 17, 2016 Using and Evaluating Gamification as a Strategy of Engagement in the Classroom
September 26, 2016 Wireless Power Transfer Systems: Current Issues and Future Opportunities
September 19, 2016 Disaster Scene Reconstruction – Emergency Management Tool
September 12, 2016 Teaching and Learning Methods
July 4, 2016 The Application of Optimization to Model Predictive Control
June 20, 2016 Optimization and Research: Applications, Opportunities, and Challenges
May 31, 2016 Internet of Things, building blocks, challenges and research directions
March 6, 2014 Resume Writing for the Online Job Search
November 25, 2013 How to have conversations that get great results
October 1st to 8th, 2013 IEEE Photo Contest
February 22, 2013 Perfect Presentations Seminar
October 17, 2012 Aspects of Persuasion: Confirmation Bias, First Impressions and Subtext
March 8, 2012 International Women’s Day
Nov 26, 2011 Networking Get-Together
May 5, 2011 International Conference for Upcoming Engineers – WIE Information Booth
April 30, 2011 1st IEEE Canada Women in Engineering National Conference (WIENC 2011)
November 22, 2010 Industry Panel
November 13, 2010 Networking Get-Together
March 25, 2010 Know Your Future Profession – Panel Discussion
March 8, 2010 Biomedical Instrumentation applied to Cardiac Electrophysiology
January 23, 2010 IEEE Toronto Women in Engineering Affinity Group Members Only Event – General Meeting
October 29, 2009 President Panel
August 28, 2009 Women in Engineering in Medicine and Biology
March 3, 2009 Becoming a Successful Engineer †
February 23, 2009 Why I became an Engineer? (testimonials)
February 19, 2009 IEEE Member Only Event (General Meeting)
October 24, 2008 Winning in Life – including an Update on IEEE/Women In Engineering, and Networking with other Women Engineers †
August 14, 2008 Getting Organized Once and for All
July 17, 2008 Are You Living The Life You Want? Success is your Birthright!
July 15, 2008
updated content
Symposium on Alternate Energy and Global Synergy
June 24, 2008 The Art of Presentation
November 15, 2007 Understanding the Life Cycle of Organizational Change Management
November 1, 2007 Solar Photo Voltaic as an Investment †
October 25, 2007 Invited to a Party? – Please RSVP! : Dining & Wining Protocol and Etiquette †
October 18, 2007 Your Color Vitamins: Personal Colors and Effects on People
September 27, 2007 Attention! Your Body is Talking: Body Language & Communication Image
September 22, 2007 Networking Get-together
September 20, 2007 Etiquette in Networking: Netiquette
Every Saturday, July 7 to August 4, 2007 Professional Practice Examination (PPE) Study Group
June 23, 2007 Networking Get-together
May 3, 2007 Student Networking Event
April 12, 2007 Net Zero Energy Healthy Housing
April 10, 2007 Student Networking Event
February 28, 2007 A celebration of Engineering
February 10, 2007 28th Annual Orchid Show!
January 29, 2007 Reliability of Distribution Systems
January 25, 2007 Personal Colours
October 26, 2006 Hybrid Cars
August 10, 2006 Toyota Plant Tour
July 20, 2006 Creative Thinking
June 25, 2006 Natural Networking
April 27, 2006 The Professional Engineer Designation
March 16, 2006 Smart Women Finish Rich
February 23, 2006 From Financial Markets to Energy Markets
November 24, 2005 Time Management – How to Maximize your Effectiveness
October 27, 2005 Introduction to Wind Energy – Wind Energy in Ontario
September 8, 2005 Mentoring Event
August 4, 2005 Automatic Lung Parenchyma Evaluation from Pulmonary CT Images
June 16, 2005 Leading Women Overcome Obstacles on the Way Up
April 22, 2005 How to have an effective meeting with your manager 
+ WIE Affinity Group First Anniversary Celebration
March 23, 2005 Claim Your Career Equity
February 17, 2005 The View from the Top – An On-line Chat Event
January 12, 2005 Wen-do – a Women’s Self Defense Workshop
October 21, 2004 To Efficiently Improve Communication and Eventual Well-being
July 21, 2004 Project Management – Completing Projects with Success
June 8, 2004 Life Balance General Interest Dinner Meeting
April 2, 2004 IEEE Toronto Women in Engineering First General Interest Meeting †


April, 2009 On March 3, 2009, the IEEE WIE-Toronto affinity group held a panel discussion entitled “Becoming a Successful Engineer” at Ryerson University.

Read more about the event: articlebrochure, and event page. Some photos from the event below:

Click photos to enlarge

November, 2008 IEEE WIE-Toronto affinity group held a seminar entitled “Winning in Life” on Friday October 24, 2008 at the University of Toronto. The 20 members in attendance started out by partaking of refreshments while engaging in a bit of networking and socializing.

Following this, Dr. Ferial El-Hawary, Chair and Director of IEEE Canada, addressed the gathering. To start, she brought us up to date on the achievements of the IEEE/Women in Engineering Organization, which we found inspiring. This was followed by her talk on “Winning in Life”. Among the things she shared with us were some of the elements that played an important role in her career success. Afterwards, the participants worked in small groups to discuss their personal ‘secret of career success’. From the debriefing afterwards the following discussion points were identified:

  • The major elements of a successful leader.
  • The importance of goal setting at all stages of life.
  • The saving in time and energy resulting from having a written plan of our goals.
  • Develop a better understanding of self, identify interests, and cultivate the necessary connections.
  • Be a mentor as well as a mentee.
  • Be assertive, take ownership of accomplishments and ideas

View photos from the event on the announcement page.

October, 2008 The symposium proceedings and presentation slides for the highly successful Symposium on Alternate Energy and Global Synergy held on July 15, 2008, have been archived here.
July 15, 2008 The IEEE Toronto WIE Affinity Group co-organized the Symposium on Alternate Energy and Global Synergyalong with IEEE Toronto Section and Ryerson University. See the symposium brochure for details.
Visda Vokhshoori, former Chair of the IEEE Toronto Section Women in Engineering Affinity Group and Vice-chair of the Computer Chapter, is recognized at the 2006 AGM for her excellent service to the IEEE Toronto Section. See her bio here.

Congratulations to Visda for her leadership in organizing many interesting WIE and Computer Chapter seminars and social events.

2004 Executive. Click to enlarge Certificate Image. Click to enlarge June 8 Meeting Photo. Click to enlarge

The formation of the Toronto Section WIE affinity group (chapter) was approved on March 24, 2004. Officers were elected on April 2, 2004.   For more information on WIE affinity groups, please view the linked IEEE web page.   Photo at left above shows (from left) Visda – Vice Chair, Joan – Chair and Anna – Secretary.   Photo at right above taken at the June 8 Dinner Meeting.   Click photos to view larger image.   Subsequently, Visda became the Chair and Anna the Vice Chair.

Toronto WIE Affinity Group recognized by the IEEE WIE Committee for achievement. The Certificate displayed in the centre was awarded to this group as the runner-up for the 2004 Women in Engineering Affinity Group of the Year – see centre image (click to enlarge).