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Issue #20041001, October 2004
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The Electronic Newsletter of the IEEE Toronto Section - the latest news about upcoming events and the people that make them happen - Section and Chapter meetings, workshops, conferences, and other events of interest occuring in Toronto and surounding areas.   Posted every month.

The Old Mill Inn. Click to enlarge Annual General Meeting and Awards Dinner   The Annual General Meeting and Awards Dinner of the IEEE Toronto Section will be held at the Old Mill Inn, 21 Old Mill Road, Toronto.   This is a opportunity to meet and socialize with your fellow IEEE members.   It is the annual opportunity to discuss your concerns with and make suggestion to the IEEE volunteers that organize all of our Section's events.   Come and take part of a fine dinner, meet our award winners and our guest speaker, Brian O'Connell, president of the IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology.   Brian is an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Philosophy at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain.   He teaches courses concerned with the ethical, legal and social aspects of computing and with the jurisprudence of new technologies.   Tickets are available at a Section-subsidized price of $70 per person (member and companion) from Dennis Cecic.   Click for details.

Upcoming Chapter/Group Activities

October 1 at 3 p.m. Dr. Christi K. Madsen, Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff of the Bell Laboratories at Lucent Technologies will present a seminar on "Making A Many-Colored Processing Engine: Signal Processing with Optical Filters", organized by our Circuits and Devices Chapter.   Click for details.

October 1 at 5 p.m. Constantine A. Balanis of the Department of Electrical Engineering at Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ will present an IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society distinguished lecture on "Smart Antennas for Wireless Communication Systems and Networks", organized by our Electromagnetics and Radiation Joint Chapter.   Click for details.

October 7 Professor K. J. Ray Liu of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Institute of Systems Research at the University of Maryland in College Park, USA will present an IEEE Toronto Special Event on "Tracing Traitors: Collusion Resistant Multimedia Fingerprinting" in conjunction with the University of Toronto Electrical and Computering Engineering Department   Click for details.

October 8 Professor K. J. Ray Liu of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Institute of Systems Research at the University of Maryland in College Park, USA will present an IEEE Signal Processing Society Distinguished Lecture on "Toward Maximum Achievable Diversity in Space, Time, and Frequency", organized by our Signals and Applications Chapter.   Click for details.

October 19 Dr. Roger B. Marks of the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado, USA will present an IEEE Computer Society Distinguished Lecture on "The IEEE 802.16 Standard for Broadband Wireless Access", organized by our Computer Chapter.   Click for details.

October 21 The Women in Engineering Affinity Group will hold a discussion entitled "To Efficiently Improve Communication and Eventual Well-being" at the Young Thailand Restaurant.   Click for details.

October 21 A tour of Hydro One's Ontario Grid Control Centre at Barrie, organized by our Power Engineering Chapter.   Charter bus leaves from and returns to the Downsview Subway Passenger Pick-up & Drop-off area.   Click for details.

October 27 Dr. Navid Zargari of Rockwell Automation will present a seminar on "Medium Voltage Drives in Industrial Applications", organized by our Industry Applications Chapter.   Click for details.

Section News

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Chapter News

The Industry Applications Chapter has an important technical meeting on October 27.   Chairman Vince Scaini invites all those interested in these kinds of activities to attend this meeting, enjoy a fine presentation, and participate in the interaction.   Please use this opportunity to chat with Vince, give him your suggestions for future events or speakers, and let him know if you are interested in helping with the planning of future events.

Member News

Congratulations to four of our members who has been recently elevated to Senior Member grade; Alagan Anpalagan, Seyed Ali Nabavi-Niaki, Lacra Pavel, Aladdin Saleh.   If you wish to apply for Senior Member elevation, or nominate someone else, please use this link.

Student News

The Fall term has started, and now is the time for IEEE student members and especially those who organize student branches at our universities and colleges to check out the IEEE Canadian Foundation web site and consider the various funds (Scholarships and Grants) that are available - details


IEEE Creates "Black Box" Standard for Cars.   The new standard, IEEE 1616 "Motor Vehicle Event Data Recorders," specifies minimal performance characteristics for onboard tamper- and crash-proof memory devices for all types and classes of highway and roadway vehicles. This international protocol will help manufacturers develop what is commonly called "black boxes" for autos, trucks, buses, ambulances, fire trucks and other vehicles.   It includes a data dictionary of 86 data elements and covers device survivability - click for more information

The IEEE Annual Elections - did you vote yet? If not, please do so now - this year it is so simple (and no postage stamp required) - vote online at   Before you log on to vote, find your personal "Control Number" and "E-signature" values that are printed at the top of your IEEE election sheet which you should have received by mail.   Let's show we appreciate this convenient way of voting (finally !) by casting our electronic ballots.   I just did, and I found it to be both simple and effective.

Don't forget to renew your membership when your IEEE renewal form arrives - including life members!

Career Services

Intelligent Technology Solutions Inc., a highly specialized recruitment agency, representing excellent, well-funded pre-IPO and leading public companies all across North America. Their clients develop advanced technologies for consumer electronics, video / graphics / imaging, wireless / wireline and networking / communications markets. Their clients have numerous openings in design, applications, marketing and engineering management. This company has been recommended by the IEEE Toronto Circuits and Systems chapter.   Please use the link on our careers site to access their web site.


The IEEE Toronto Section accepts advertising for items deemed to be of interest to our members. If you would like to advertise in our newsletter, please contact the editor.

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