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Issue #20050102, January 2005
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The Electronic Newsletter of the IEEE Toronto Section - the latest news about upcoming events and the people that make them happen - Section and Chapter meetings, workshops, conferences, and other events of interest occuring in Toronto and surounding areas.   Posted every month.   Now formatted for portrait-orientation printing.

Happy New Year

Photo Image Profile on Bob Alden
Bob received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Toronto in 1968.   His professional career included working at the Sangamo Company in Toronto, the Electricity Commission of New South Wales in Australia, a number of consulting assignments in several countries, the University of Toronto, and McMaster University where he was awarded the title of Professor Emeritus in 2001.   He has published over 75 technical papers in his field of electric power engineering.   He is a registered Professional Engineer in Ontario, and a newly elected Fellow of IEEE and EIC.

He has been an active IEEE volunteer for over 30 years, serving as Chair of the Hamilton Section, Director of Region 7 (now IEEE Canada), and IEEE Vice President for Regional Activities.   Dr Alden is currently President of the IEEE Canadian Foundation, a Director of the IEEE Foundation, Chair of the IEEE Information Technology Strategy Committee, and Webmaster for IEEE Canada.   Over a 10 year period, he published more than 80 articles in IEEE's THE INSTITUTE under the title "traveling the information highway with Bob Alden".   He has received numerous awards from IEEE and IEEE Canada - most recently the prestigous Haraden Pratt Award for Outstanding Service to IEEE, and a Toronto Section Scholarship named in his honour.   Within the Toronto Section, he was the founding chair of the Life Members Group and assumed the Chair of the Publications Committee in October 2003.   You can read the biographies of any of our volunteer leaders on our web site by visiting our executive page.

Upcoming Chapter/Group Activities

Jan 12 2005 at 6:30 p.m.   Our Women in Engineering Affinity Group will hold a "Wen-do - a Women's Self Defense Workshop".   Click for details.

Jan 31 2005 at 6:00 p.m.   Dr. Antonio Martins of the State University Júlio de Mesquita Filho in Sorocaba, Brazil will present a seminar entitled "Computer Tomographic Imaging for Non-destructive Testing of Materials", organized by our Signals and Applications Joint Chapter.   Click for details.

Feb 10 2005 Our Computer Chapter is cosponsoring a meeting with the Toronto Dufferin and Kingsway PEO Chapters. Paul Cooper, VP of Business Development and R&D at MD Robotics, will speak on the topic "Space Robotics in the 21st Century: Canada's Expanding Role" - this is a facinating topic, likely of interest to most of our members and a great one to start our new year... hope to see you there - remaining details to be announced shortly, why not mark your calendar now !  

March-April 2005   Our Life Members Affinity Group has made preliminary arrangements for a special visit to the Trillium Hospital (Mississauga Site) to tour their Cardiac Department to show us the latest technical equipment for diagnostics and treatment.   Click for details.   If you are interested, please call Wallas Khella (905-279-2976) or Sim Murthy (905-826-2553).

Upcoming Section Spring Courses

Jan 22, 2005   1-day course, “Positioned for Success, Differentiating Yourself”, Celia Desmond & Carolyn Wright, lecturers   Click for details

Feb 12, 2005   1-day course, “Breakthrough Thinking”, Celia Desmond & Randy Park, lecturers   Click for details

Feb 26, 2005   1-day course, “Networking with Others: The most important job you will ever have”, Celia Desmond & Carolyn Wright, lecturers   Click for details

Mar 5, 2005   1-day course, “Understanding Personality Type: Reading Character through TRUE COLORS”, Carolyn Wright, lecturer   Click for details

Mar 26, 2005   1-day course, “Essential Communications for Engineers”, Celia Desmond, lecturer   Click for details

Mar 4 & 5, 2005   2-day course, “Project Management – Meeting those pesky Requirements”, Celia Desmond, lecturer   Click for details

Upcoming Conferences

CCECE 05 The 18th Annual Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering will be held May 1-4, 2005 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.   The deadline for abstract submissions is extended to January 7, 2005.   This is an excellent opportunity for authors to publish and present papers on a wide variety of topics to an international audience.   Please visit their web site for additional information and links to the Paper Submission System.

Section News

Life Members - Wallas Khella is seeking a volunteer to serve as the "life member history chair".   We have a need to document some historical events and milestones for the IEEE Toronto Section.   The life member group activities cover a variety of technical programs, public service contributions, talks on current issues and social activities.   If you can spare a few hours per month, please phone Wallas at 905-279-2976)

Member News

Bob Alden (Newsletter Editor) has been elected an IEEE Fellow "for contributions to eigenvalue analysis of power system stability".   For the complete list of 2005 IEEE Fellows and their citations, visit the IEEE Fellow web site.   If you are an IEEE Fellow and wish to nominate a candidate for the 2006 election process, please visit the IEEE Fellow web site for full details.   Dr. Alden has also been elected a 2005 Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada.

Congratulations to two of our members who have been recently elevated to Senior Member grade; Muhammad Ashfaq and Mohammed Reza Rafiei   If you wish to apply for Senior Member elevation, or nominate someone else, please use this link.


IEEE to Introduce New Browser Requirements in 2005.   New Web browser requirements will go into effect in January 2005 to support a major upgrade of the IEEE Xplore online delivery system.   The new requirements are based on IEEE Xplore usage statistics indicating the most highly used browsers, and browser compatibility with required elements of the new design.   IEEE Xplore may not function if the requirements identified below are not followed.   For more information, visit the IEEE web site.

Did you renew your IEEE membership yet?   Renewing on the web is simple and convenient - just grab your credit card and click here, then use your IEEE web account for access.

Upgrading Your Membership

Associate Members of the IEEE Toronto Section   Section Chair Kostas Plataniotis has extended the deadline for a special opportunity to each and everyone of you to consider upgrading to Member or Senior Member grade, and he is offering to help you.   Please click this link for full details.

All Other Members of the IEEE Toronto Section   While there is a special effort to help Associate members right now, all of our viewers are encouraged to join or to upgrade their membership.   The application and nomination process is straightforward, fully described, and can be done directly from this web site.   All the links to the convenient online web forms that you might need are at the top of our membership page.   Upgrading does not change your membership dues!   Why not see if you qualify right now... and upgrade for this new year.

Your IEEE Membership !   The following membership grades exist; Student Member, Associate Member, Member, Senior Member, Fellow, and Honorary Member.   IEEE Society Affiliates are not IEEE members but can apply to join.   Student Members are those members in full-time attendance in an accredited University programme and who automatically become Members following graduation; likewise, Community College Student Members automatically become Associate Members.   Associate Members can apply to become Members.   Members can apply or be nominated to become Senior Members.   Senior Members must be nominated to be elected as Fellows by the IEEE Board of Directors.   The nomination process for Senior Member and Fellow grade includes references.   Honorary Members are individuals who do not normally qualify for IEEE membership and who are elected by the IEEE Board of Directors for some unique reason.   The Life Member designation is automatic and applies to all grades of membership - it indicates a combination of age and continuous membership in the IEEE.   In any distinguished professional organization, higher grades of membership denote professional advancement of the individual and add value to one's resume and reputation.  


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Thanks For Reading

That's all for now, hope to have you visit again next month ..... Bob Alden, Editor
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