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IEEE Toronto Section - Executive

Former Members of the IEEE Toronto Section Executive Committee
The operation of the IEEE Toronto Section is managed by the Section Executive committee. This page records the members of this committee who have moved on to other challenges since July 2003. We record their past contributions with gratitude, and wish them well in their new endeavors.Biography links are provided where the individual has provided the information.

Section Chairs
Chair Jan 2004 - Dec 2005 Kostas Plataniotis
Chair Jan 2002 - Dec 2003 Robert (Bob) Hanna
Chair Jan 2000 to Dec 2001Edward (Ted) H. Sargent

Section Vice Chairs
Vice Chair Jan 2004 - Dec 2005 Dennis Cecic

Committee Chairs
Education to Dec 2003 Randy Park
Conferences/Conventions to Mar 2007 Alex Bot

Society Chapter Chairs
Communications to Oct 2003
Oct 2003 to Oct 2005
Steve Hranilovic, Andrew Eckford
Alagan Anpalagan
Computer to Jan 2004
Jan 2004 to April 2005
Robert Hudyma
George V. Bailak
Electromagnetics & Radiation to Oct 2003Ramesh Abhari
Engineering & Human Environment to Oct 2004
Oct 2004 to Jan 2007    
Walter Zessner
Ed Lovrek
Industry Applications Oct 2003 to Dec 2005     Vince Scaini
Instrumentation & Measurements to Jan 2004
Jan 2004 to Feb 2006
Feb 2006 to Jan 2007

Dennis Cecic
Florin Gagiu
Joe Di Bartolomeo

Signals and Applications to Oct 2003 Michael McGuire
Solid-State Circuits to Mar 2007
Mar 2007 to July 2007
Raymond Chik
Vasilis Papanikolaou

Affiliate Group Chairs
Life Members - Oct 2002 to Dec 2003 Bob Alden
                            - Jan 2004 to Oct 2005 Wallas Khella
Women in Engineering Mar to Sep 2004Joan Touzet

current committee members
past section chairs
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