IEEE Toronto Section



The IEEE Toronto Section presents a full calendar of events. These range from highly technical, to examining societal impact of technology, to business and professional issues, to purely social events.   In addition to the events described below, check out our “upcoming events” that are listed on our home page and our above “past section events” link as well as IEEE Canada’s  and education web sites.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Section Awards Dinner
A cash bar reception preceding a quality dinner which is followed by a guest speaker and the presentation of Awards and Recognitions – held in the Fall – described on our home page well before the event and publicized in our newsletter.

Biennial Election
Our officers of our Section Executive Committee are elected for two year terms – held in the Fall of odd-numbered calendar years – this election is described on our home page and published in our newsletter well before the event.

Technical Meetings
Our Society Chapters arrange a technical program of lectures, seminars, workshops, and conferences throughout the year. Please view the “chapters” page using the link on the left side panel for full details. Our newsletter always advertizes these events.

Special Interests
Our developing life member chapter and our student branches also offer programs tailored to those members needs.

Special Events
In 2003, Toronto Section’s centennial was marked by a series of events culminating in the October 4 banquet – click the “centennial” link for more…

For More Information
Please visit and explore our recently designed web site on a regular basis and read our upgraded monthly electronic newsletter for the latest information about our programs. Use the electronic feedback mechanisms on this web site to tell us your views on what events you feel are desireable and any other aspect that you feel is important. IEEE is for IEEE members – tell us what you want! IEEE Toronto needs your input…