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IEEE Toronto Section - Chapters

Industry Applications Joint Chapter
This page lists the related Society (or Societies if a joint Chapter) and the word "Society" is a link to that Society's web site. In addition to listing upcoming events, past events are also listed for reference as members have indicated they like to see what has happened in the past. If you would like to attend an updated version of a prior event, please contact the Chapter chair.

A Chapter of: IEEE Industry Applications (IAS) Society
IEEE Power Electronics (PELS) Society
IAS Chapter Chair Ali , biography
IAS Chapter Vice-Chair Marjan , biography
PELS Vice-Chair Yahyaie ,
  • This chapter became a joint chapter in April 20, 2009, incorporating the Power Electronics Society.
  • This chapter was re-instated with the October 23, 2003 meeting.
Chapter Events Downupcoming         Downpast
Upcoming Events
June 24, 2015 Electrical Energy Storage Options
Past Events († indicates event photos added)
Feb 24, 2015 Stator diagnostics thru on-line partial discharge measurements
Nov 25, 2014 High Performance Out-Of-Plane Microelectrostatic Actuators for Adaptive Optics and Display Applications and Piezoelectric High Power Density Energy Harvesters
Oct 22, 2014 Asset Management Techniques and Methodologies for Electrical Utilities
Jul 9, 2014 Design Considerations for Consumer Power Supplies
Aug 2, 2012 Simulating GOOSE Publishing and Subscribing
May 24, 2012 Simulating GOOSE Publishing and Subscribing (CANCELLED) - Moved to August 2, 2012
Nov 14, 2011 Smart Grid Control and Communication: IEC 61850 Standard and Substation Automation (slides)
May 18, 2010 DC Drives and their Continued Relevance in Drive Systems
April 29, 2010 Vision To Reality: Deployment Of The Smart Grid At Toronto Hydro (slides)
April 1, 2010 Solar Power: Trends, Applications and Power Electronics
November 12, 2009 Minimizing Plant Interruption Caused by Voltage Fluctuations Using Active Voltage Conditioners
October 9, 2009 The Impact of Situational Awareness on Power Grid Reliability
July 23, 2009 Predictive Control – A Simple and Powerful Method to Control Power
Converters and Drives
June 15, 2009 A Look Inside Digital/Cell-phone Cameras
June 4, 2009 Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaic Systems & Details for Commercial/Residential Installations
September 29, 2008 Modern Wind Power Technology
September 18, 2008 The Threat to Canada’s Electrical Safety
January 22, 2008 CANCELLED (to be rescheduled): Global Influences in the Energy Sector
November 28, 2007 HVDC Transmission – Past, Present and Future
May 2, 2007 IGBT Converters and SCR SwitchGear for Efficient and Secure Wind Power Generation and Transmission Grid Interconnection
March 2, 2007 Panel Discussion: Future Research Trends in Energy, Micro, and Multimedia Systems
December 7, 2006 A Tutorial on Advanced Methods of AC and DC Arc Fault Detection and Protection (AFDP)
Co-organized by IEEE Toronto Signals & Computational Intelligence Joint Chapter
October 19, 2006 High-Power Converters and Applications in Drive/Wind/Utility Industries
October 3, 2006 Advanced Power Conversion Methods for More Electric Aircraft
June 29, 2006 Novel Hybrid Excitation Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Machine for Mobile Power Supplies
February 20, 2006 Medium Voltage Drives with Multilevel Voltage Source Inverter Technology
October 4, 2005 Computer-Based Harmonic Modelling: Effect of Non-Linear Loads on Stand By Generators
March 3, 2005 Advances in High Efficiency Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) Motor Drives
an Industry Applications Society Distinguished Lecture - presentation - [ WMV ]
November 23, 2004 Arcing Ground Faults and Arc Flash Hazards
October 27, 2004 Medium Voltage Drives in Industrial Applications , presentation [ PDF ]
November 27, 2003 Power System Grounding in Low and Medium Voltage Systems
October 29, 2003 End of Life for Power Transformers
October 23, 2003 Economics of Bridging the Power Quality Gap
October 23

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