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IEEE Toronto Section - Chapters

Engineering & Human Environment Chapter
This page lists the related Society (or Societies if a joint Chapter) and the word "Society" is a link to that Society's web site. In addition to listing upcoming events, past events are also listed for reference as members have indicated they like to see what has happened in the past. If you would like to attend an updated version of a prior event, please contact the Chapter chair.

A Joint Chapter of: IEEE Education Society , Newsletter
IEEE Professional Communication Society , Newsletter
IEEE Reliability Society , Newsletter
IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology , Newsletter
IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society (PSES) , Newsletter
IEEE Technology Management Council (TMC), Newsletter
Chapter E-mail Address
Chapter Chair Rabiz , biography
Chapter Chair Emeritus Walter Zessner, biography
Past Chair Bayo , biography
Chapter Vice Chair
Secretary / Treasurer Muthana , biography
Events Director vacant
Membership Director vacant
Communications Director vacant
Newsletter Editor vacant
Council / Society Representatives Representative, Engineering Management: vacant

Representative, Educational Society: Jan , biography

Representative, Professional Communication: vacant

Representative, PSES: Doug Nix

Representative, Reliability Society: vacant

Representative, SSIT: vacant

Representative, TMC: vacant

Representative, Events: vacant

Representative, Membership: vacant

Representative, Communication: vacant

Representative, WIE: vacant

Representative, GOLD: Mario

Chapter Events Downupcoming         Downpast
Useful Information - The PSES have a LinkedIn group for the society, which can be found here
- The PSES have a LinkedIn group for the chapter, which can be found here
- The PSES have a Facebook group for the society which can be found here
- The PSES have a Facebook group for the chapter which can be found here
- The Toronto Chapter Meeting calendar can be found here, or you can view it directly below

- The Toronto Chapter ExCom Meeting calendar can be found here, or you can view it directly below


Photo Photo IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology (SSIT) president Brian O'Connell, travelled to Toronto to present Walter Zessner with the SSIT lifetime achievement award - at the October 16, 2004 Annual General Meeting and Awards Dinner of the IEEE Toronto Section.   Section Chair Kostas Plataniotis presented Walter with a commorative plaque "IEEE Toronto Section honours Walter W. Zessner as the Founding Chair of the Social Implications of Technology Chapter in 1989, and designates him as Chapter Chair Emeritus of the Engineering and Human Environment Chapter".   Earlier, Walter had been presented with a "Chapter Chair Emeritus" Certificate (shown on the right).   The photo shows Ed Lovrek, Walter Zessner, and SSIT President Brian O'Connell after the Awards presentation.   See the Nov. 2004 newsletter for presentation details and photos.   Please click on the images to view a larger one.   SSIT President O'Connell also gave the after dinner speech.

Meeting Minutes
May 21, 2010 @ 11:00 a.m.
  1. Discussed strategies to attract volunteers to the chapter
  2. Doug Nix is appointed as Vice Chair of the EHE Chapter
  3. Create Mission Statement for the EHE Chapter
  4. Update calendar of events in Google Calendar and post link on the EHE webpage
  5. Publish Ex-com meeting on the EHE web page
  6. Contact Stephen Dako about volunteer interest
  7. Adjourn meeting to week of May 25th to review progress.
Upcoming Events
May 14, 2015 Mini-conference: Issues and Challenges Facing Ontario Engineers
Past Events († indicates event photos added)
November 26, 2014 NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) and BANANA (Ban Anything Anywhere Anytime)
Multiple 2012 Dates Energy Mini-Conference Educational Series 2012: Joint Venture IEEE/ISA/PEO/SIPwK/SDP/PISK
April 21, 2011 Energy, Mobility & Society: Will the GTHA be ready for 2020 and Beyond?
Cancelled due to low enrollment
October 20, 2010 PSES Toronto Chapter Symposium Meeting
October 18-20, 2010 IEEE Symposium on Product Compliance Engineering
October 2, 2010 PSES Toronto Chapter Fall Meeting
July 26-28, 2010 PSES Colloquium on Product Compliance Engineering
June 19, 2010 PSES Toronto Chapter Spring Meeting
March 11, 2010 PSES Toronto Chapter Winter Meeting - Writing and Presenting a Technical Paper
October 23, 2008 Investigating Safety Culture in the Chemical and Petroleum Industries in Ontario
Joint Conference/Forum organized by the IEEE Toronto Engineering and Human Environment Chapter, the ISA Chemical & Petroleum Industries and Management Divisions, and the Association of Polish Engineers in Canada.
October 9, 2008 WiMAX: The Future of Ubiquitous Broadband Wireless Internet Access
March 27, 2008 Engineering Forum for Nuclear Technology in Ontario –
Joint IEEE Toronto/Association of Polish Engineers in Canada Conference
January 31, 2008 Engineering Forum for Renewable Power in Ontario –
Joint IEEE Toronto/Association of Polish Engineers in Canada Conference
October 25, 2007 Communication Solutions For Today’s Engineering Management
June 14, 2007 If This Was Easy, Someone Else Would Be Doing It – Project Management for Engineers
May 24, 2007 Reactor Designs for the Upcoming Nuclear Stations Worldwide –
Joint IEEE Toronto/Canadian-Polish Engineers Association Conference
October 19, 2006 Measure of Passenger Service Dependability in Communication-Based Transit System: A Statistical Approach (slides)
June 1, 2006 * The Emergence of Mobile TV using DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting for Handheld)
May 11, 2006 Aviation Innovation - Little Known Canadian Contributions to the World of Flight
PEO Toronto-Dufferin seminar - cosponsored by IEEE Toronto Engineering & Human Environment Chapter
April 6, 2006 Rebuilding Iraq - a Canadian Engineering Perspective
PEO Toronto-Dufferin seminar - cosponsored by IEEE Toronto Engineering & Human Environment Chapter
February 9, 2006 How Bad is Smog in Ontario?
PEO Toronto-Dufferin seminar - cosponsored by IEEE Toronto Engineering & Human Environment Chapter
May 12, 2005 Communicating Effectively - Making Yourself Heard
May 11, 2005 Human Factors Engineering; Military applications, Civilian benefits
PEO Toronto-Dufferin seminar
April 18, 2005 Thinking for Results
March 14, 2005 Patents: From an Inventor's Viewpoint seminar - presentation - [ WMV ]
November 26, 2004 IEEE Intellectual Property Webinar (Web-casted Seminar)
April 28, 2004 Engineers Without E-Waste seminar
April 27, 2004 Who Speaks For the Interest of Engineers seminar
November 20, 2003 Mental Health in the High-Tech Workplace lecture
September 17, 2003 Tour of the Pickering Wind Turbine Generating Station
followed by project and technical presentations.

Click on image at right to see full size photo
of OPG presentation by Chuck Edey.
Presentation [PDF] by Dave Young.
Tour report with photos

September 04, 2003 Telecommunications in Canada: Technological Change versus Public Policy lecture
March 20, 2003 Digital Diploma Mills: The Automation of Higher Education lecture
October 17, 2002 Human and Global Aspects of Knowledge Management presentation and meeting
March 21, 2002 Coupling People And Technology In Complex Systems lecture
October 18, 2001 Engineering Practice in the Labyrinth of Technology lecture
May 31 - June 2, 2001 Interdisciplinary Policy Workshops on the Full Spectrum of High Priority Global Issues
May 24, 2001 Human/Technology Nexus: Designing as if People Mattered
March15, 2001 The Evolution of the World Energy System: Global and Local Implications lecture
October 19, 2000 E-commerce and the Environment lecture
October 12, 2000 Developments in the Telecommunication Industry lecture
September 21, 2000 Adapting our Society to Climate Change lecture
October 21, 1999 Programs for Business Success lecture
September 23, 1999 Project Risk Management lecture
June 3, 1999 Nuclear Power: The Environmental and Economic Consequences of Abandoning It lecture
May 27, 1999 Project Management - What it is today, Trends and Certification as Project Management Professional lecture

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